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To the farmer utilisation of zeolites

In the sustainable greenhouse model zeolites were utilised on form of chabazite (size 0-6 mm, specific weight 0.90, water content 12-13%). They were spread in the initial phases of the cultivation on all the surface by an amount of 15 kg per m2 and buried in the soil through a light working 15 cm deep. In many countries (Spain, Israel, USA, Australia) which have situations similar to those involving Italian farmers, the utilisation of zeolites in horticulture is now a common practice thanks to the results obtained. Also in Latium some tests applied on field and the evidences obtained by the farmers that utilised zeolites demonstrated a promising actuality with a general agreement on the possibility of an evident spare both of water consumption for irrigation (even of 30-40%) and of chemic fertilizers, keeping the same results of production.

Zeolites got peculiar chemical-physical properties:
- reversible dehydration;
- selective molecular absorbance;
- catalyst behaviour;
- very high aptitude to cationic exchange (2,4 ± 0,2 meq per gram)
- high aptitude of water retention (CC) 37,4%

The proper introduction of zeolites into farming soils gives important benefits:
- notable increase of the cationic exchange capacity;
- increase of the water retention aptitude without loss of permeability;
- strong selectivity toward ammonium (spare of volatility losses);
- phosphorus solubility.
According to the scientific literature we could recognise that the application of zeolites to the soil in agriculture brings to many advantages. Particularly in those conditions where there is:
- high risk of short availability of water resources because of the groundwater scarceness;
- too high presence of insoluble phosphorus;
- strong environmental risks toward nitrates pollution.

Its very important to draw attention to the fact that the utilisation of zeolites implies an “everlasting modification”, because their action is protracted for a long time, for hundreds of years. For this reason from the economical point of view too, the farmers will obtain great benefits from their utilisation.


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