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In the next future climate change will impose the implementation of adaptation and mitigation strategies in many sectors of human activity. In agriculture this implementation will be specially apt to the greenhouse horticulture sector.
The overlying purpose of the project is to demonstrate that the future of intensive horticulture will be adequately answered by a sustainable model of greenhouse. This model was pointed out thanks to the project "SUSTGREENHOUSE - The sustainable Greenhouse: demonstrative action for zero emission intensive greenhouse agriculture", realised by:

  • ARSIAL Agenzia Regionale per lo Sviluppo e l'Innovazione dell'Agricoltura del Lazio (Agency for Agriculture Development & Innovation of Latium Region)
Consorzio di Bonifica
The project was co-financed by the European Union D.G. Environment in the framework of the programme LIFE+ 2007 Environment Policy and Governance.


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