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a) to demonstrate that greenhouse agriculture could be fulfilled with more environmental friendly modalities in terms of: 1) direct or indirect greenhouse gasses emission; 2) water consumption; 3) pollutant nutrients and chemicals drainage into soil and diffusion in the air;
b) to demonstrate that greenhouse agriculture, when accomplished following the project proposed technologies, could be compatible with nature protection and could be present inside natural parks and reserves, without causing ecological problems and, moreover, giving thus a substantial financial help to the local community economy;
c) to help farmers and students to understand the complex of links and relations that represent the dynamic exchange among air-water-soil present into the greenhouse structure, with particular relevance to the carbon cycle, with the purpose of a better environmental education and a better awareness of the responsibilities that agriculture operators have in the global carbon foot-printing.

a) two demonstrative greenhouses have been compared: the first following the traditional practice to be considered as control, the second one utilised the best commercial technologies to reduce all kind of emissions;
b) the two demonstrative greenhouses were realised inside the Special Protected Area of the Natural Monument of Fondi lake, an area of particular environmental vulnerability;
c) the project assimilated the greenhouse system to a global living organism, trying to give evidence of the structure of the dynamic laws that rule its functioning throw a continuous visualisation of its main components status (global evaluations of energy balances, emissions level and economic balance of the productions).




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