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The greenhouse - on focus

The results of Sustgreenhouse demonstration in evidence. From the first day, during the trans-plantation of the first crop is manifest the effect of the increased water conductivity and retention of the trials added with zeolites chabazite, as evidenced by the wet area serviced by the drop irrigation system.

detail of the standard trial on 09/09/30
detail of compost added trial on 09/09/30
detail of zeolites added trial on 09/09/30
The utilisation of the Root Scanner CID CI-600 instrument allowed to follow the growth of a same root without damaging the plant (in the instance below the zucchini 2009 compost trial):
images by Stefano Zanini and Stefano Poppi
Thanks to the utilisation of a thermic screen in the last year of the project, many benefices were got in the solar shading during the day an in the heath conservation during the night, in water save for the heating system, but mainly in pesticides treatment save to the crops.

Globally the utilisation of a thermic screen got an increase of production of 16,25%. During the daily surveys was detected a sensible decrease of air moisture inside the greenhouse testified by absence of the morning dew on the leaves: This enabled a reduction of the phyto-sanitary treatments against diseases due to fungi or bacteria. For this reason in the sustainable greenhouse in the last crop cycle only 8 pesticides treatments were made instead of 11 with a save in products and accessories of 124,80 € (that is 36,3%) and a save in environmental terms of 3,4 Kg / 1000 m2 of pesticides. It is important to note that cupper application was thus totally avoided, thanks to the fact that there weren’t conditions favourable to bacteria diseases.

opening of the thermic screen
sustainable greenhouse tomato crop with the utilisation of a thermic screen
standard greenhouse tomato crop without thermic screen utilisation: to be noticed the effects of fungi diseases